After spending a beautiful day out with friends, I returned home to find out that I was nominated by Tersia Burger at to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award.
I am honored to have been nominated by Tersia as her writing, strength and amazing soul encourages and inspires me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination
While the cause for me to have started this blog was a sad one, I am honored and thankful that my blog is reaching others and that you all are sharing within my journey.

The Rules for The Beautiful Blogger Award:

  • Write a little something about the Beautiful Blogger who nominated you with the award. See above. And don’t forget to go and check her’s out too.

Share 7 things about me.

  1. I receive my strength and hope from inspiring my friends and making them laugh or discovering new things about themselves.
  2. I can play the piano by ear.
  3. I love taking Sunday drives and getting lost. I’ve discovered the best little towns, people and restaurants that way.
  4. I am left-handed and can write exceptionally well with the paper upside-down.
  5. I would love to take  sabbatical for a year just to explore the world.
  6. I used to write, speak and read Japanese fluently. After a few years of not using it regularly, I am no longer an expert but should I ever get lost in Japan, I can find my way home. 🙂
  7. Derek’s passing has put me in a position to meeting new and interesting people everyday. I am ever so THANKFUL for these experiences and for the blessing of learning something new everyday.

In addition to Tersia’s blog, I have nominated these 7 blogs because they are all soulful and are reminders of the power of love even in the midst of our grief or search for higher spirituality.


All of these blogs are absolutely wonderful, please take some time and go check them out!!

Thank You Again Tersia!!