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As I mentioned in a recent posting, while I have not been writing much over the last few weeks, in the period of “abstinence” I have been reading several books on various topics nonstop.

The interesting thing about all of this is that since Derek’s passing, I’ve found it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything for too long nor am I able to hold my thoughts together without having to write them down mulitple times on paper. Yet all of these issues disappear when I am reading.

Below are three book reviews by renowned mediums whose personal stories and experiences brings insight to those grieving or who have questions about death and the afterlife. Please note that I will share reviews on the other four books, with a different focus from this grouping shortly.

Never Say Goodbye: A Medium’s Stories of Connecting with Your Loved Ones ~ Patrick Mathews

Renowned medium, Patrick Mathews’ shares true stories from his readings to illustrate how our loved ones never die. In fact, they benefit from communicating with us just as much as we do. This book also provides an understanding and guide into how to open our hearts and minds in order to connect with our loved ones through meditation and practice lessons.

Psychic Intelligence ~ Terry and Linda Jamison

Upon first glance it can easily be thought that this book’s sole focus is on how to become a psychic. While “Psychic Twins” Terry and Linda Jamison, provide insight into how we can communicate with our loved ones through the development of either our Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, or Claircognizance, this book provides a wonderful understanding of how to develop our own personal strength.

The change in our lives as a result of a loved one passing on, is scary. The fear of letting ourselves feel whatever we need to feel leads us into becoming emotionally numb. By honing in on the quiet, still voice inside each of us we can slowly heal ourselves while enhancing our intuition.

Heaven and Earth~ James Van Praagh

When a loved one passes, we start questioning “the mysteries of life and death.” Through real-life testimonies and stories, medium James Van Praagh, provides clarity on some of our questions as well as shows us how to open our awareness to those on the other side. Per Van Praagh, we are all naturally blessed with psychic gifts. This book invites us to discover our talents and intuition allowing us to strengthen our relationships with our loved ones on the other side.

What I’m Reading Now: Home with God – In a Life That Never Ends ~ Neale Donald Walsch

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It has been a while since my last posting. While I am unable to adequately express the feelings that I’ve been dealing with during this “moment of silence,” the closest and yet imperfect thought that comes to mind is “I’m Coping.”

Within this period of reflection and meditation, I’ve read several books which I will share with you all during the next few days.

I cannot explain the reason behind this voracious reading except that I feel that Derek has guided me towards each of these books as they have provided its own personal source of comfort and answers to the nagging question of  “WHY?”

In the final Conversations with God series, Home with God is an astonishing and profound spiritual book that helps to open up the dialogue about our soul’s journey in life, death and the afterlife. The conversation opens with this poignant thought:

“It is impossible to live or to die without God, but it is not impossible to think that you are. If you think that you are living or dying without God, you will experience that you are. You may have this experience as long as you wish. You may end this experience whenever you choose.” [HWG, Chapter 1, P. 1]

Reading this book was an Ah Ha moment for me as it helped me to form my own truth that every death has a significance and helps to shape and form the life of another person. Therefore ensuring that no death is in vain and is of divine perfection. Now, I am not saying that our loved ones choose to leave us and intentionally drive us to pain and sorrow. But our lives are interconnected through love and when we experience a death it brings a message to us about the extraordinary meaningfulness of the life which has passed as well as our own life. Once we hear the message we seek to honor that life by sharing our stories and demonstrating love for others thereby causing a Butterfly Effect, changing other people’s lives as well.

Whether or not you believe that Neale’s conversations were channeled through Source itself, this book offers a thought-provoking look into the transition from life to death allowing us to form our own truths about ourselves and death.

I have also found this be a comforting book for not only those who have lost a loved one but for caregivers looking to offer comfort to those who are critically ill or in their final stages at Hospice. There is a prayer in the end assuring us that God is always with us as we’ve never left Home. Whether we believe in Him or not, we are never alone as He and our loved ones are always nearby ready to welcome us back to our original life.

“Know for a certainty that when you leave here, you will be again with all those who have held a place in your heart and have gone before. And do not worry about those you leave behind, for you will see them, too, again and again, and love them too, again and again, through all eternity, and even in the present moment. For there can be no separation where there is love, and no waiting where there is only Now.” [HWG, Chapter 35, P. 296-297]

What I’m Reading: The Afterlife Connection ~ Dr. Jane Greer

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Following the passing of her mother, with whom she was extremely close, Dr. Jane Greer shows how transcommunication with our loved ones can offer therapeutic healing. Simple exercises can help us to open our hearts and minds allowing us communication with those on the other side bringing to some relief and moments of peace.

What I’m Reading Now: Forever With You ~ Patrick Mathews

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Inspiring Messages of Healing and Wisdom from Your Loved Ones in the AfterlifeQuick but insightful read on medium, Patrick Mathews, as he shares his stories of past readings and how they teach lessons of our loved ones assisting us in navigating grief and understanding what the meaning of our physical presence on Earth is about.

Reflections: Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

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I just finished reading this wonderful book called This I Know: Notes on Unraveling The Heart by Susannah Conway. It’s a very thoughtful and beautifully-written book about a woman’s healing journey after her partner passes away suddenly. After each chapter, Susannah invites her readers to reflect upon different facets of their life or feelings through creative writing or photography. It pushes you through your comfort zone and helps us to re-discover ourselves and what makes us special. It also allowed me to mentally draw a picture of myself pre-Derek and post-Derek and how much I’ve learned from him and thank him for inspiring me to be a more special me :).

So I am sharing my “Ten Things” with you.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. Before meeting Derek, I wasn’t an outdoor enthusiast. Now I go hiking and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Derek taught me how to push the limits within myself. I thank him greatly for that.

2. I almost always place other’s needs in front of myself. I am working on learning a balance so that I do not neglect myself.

3. I would pick to watch a Horror movie over a Comedy or Romantic flick any day.

4. I can play the piano by ear.

5.  I love getting “lost” through long Sunday drives.

6.  I used to be a D.J. and Sound Tech and as such own a large collection of music across all genres and time periods.

7.  Am thinking about getting my first tattoo on my foot that says “Love Never Fails”

8.  I am an avid video gamer. My favorite games are Final Fantasy and Skyrim.

9.  Majored in International Relations with a language proficiency in Japanese. Check out a future post on a story of how I transitioned from this major into a Marketing career.

10.  I love making new connections with people and learning something new everyday. So let’s start here what are “ten things” that you would like your friends and others to know about you?

What I’m Reading Now: Where You Left Me ~ Jennifer Gardner Trulson

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 One of my close friends passed this book along to me right after Derek passed away.

Jennifer Gardner became a widow at the age of 35 when her husband, Doug was one of beautiful souls killed during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Having experienced true  love in its strongest forms, Jennifer was ready to strengthen her foundation to raise her children as a single parent. A chance meeting with a stranger shows that love always finds a way back into our hearts.

I initially found it hard reading this book because of the immediate connection of the pet names Doug called Jennifer just as Derek called me “Bunny.” Also, Jennifer’s stranger’s name was Derek. It was a beautiful and moving memoir which just strengthened my belief in the power of love.

What I’m Reading Now: Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Jack Canfield, Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark

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A soulful collection of true stories of people receiving messages of love and hope from loved ones beyond the veil.

What I’m Reading Now: Love Beyond Life ~ Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski

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The Healing Power of After-Life CommunicationsA comforting book which offers personal and scientific testimonies of people who have connected with their loved ones who have passed away. While the experience of a loved ones death is personal for all of us — we all share the common need to try to make sense of our experiences and loss — this book is a good resource.

What I’m Reading Now: this i know – notes on unraveling the heart ~ Susannah Conway

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This is one of the first books I purchased after Derek passed. And while I believe this book is suitable for anyone experiencing loss, this is a particularly helpful book for the tribe of women who have lost their husband, spouse or partner.

Susannah Conway’s book is soulful and heartwarming, as she shares her story of transitioning into her new life after the lost of her partner, through creative writing and photography. In sharing her story, Susannah invites us to delve into our own relationships with our loved ones and with ourselves through journal writing and photography. You will see some of my exercises posted in the Reflections section of this blog.

Addititionally, Conway teaches an online photojournalism course which offers a great opportunity to meet other women and make friends.